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The first embodied carbon analytics AI system of its kind.



Artificial Intelligence System for Predicting Embodied Carbon (ASPEC) helps carbon conscious constructors to design, develop and deliver environmentally friendly buildings

ASPEC is a new innovative technology for calculating embodied carbon of BIM models, which is currently being developed with the University of the West of England, Winvic and Costain. The project has used Innovate UK funding to develop the first embodied carbon analytics AI system of its kind.



Buildings contribute around 40 percent of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions worldwide.

The carbon calculator will exist as a web-based tool, where users can upload a BIM model, and receive information on the amount of embodied carbon contained within their building project.

The calculator can effectively depict the embodied carbon within a BIM Model. Through the data displayed, ASPEC aims to contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gas in the construction industry through identification of carbon hotspots from design specifications.

The overall goal for the project is to create a successful AI-based Embodied Carbon Calculator using historic embodied carbon data from previous construction projects to develop machine learning models to predict the embodied carbon based on construction project design.



The BIM model upload functionality enables users to upload a fully developed BIM model (3D Model with materials specification for all components in Revit) on to the Embodied Carbon Analytics Platform.

Once the BIM model is uploaded to ASPEC, the total embodied carbon – based on the components and materials specification in the design – is evaluated by the system.’

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Who is it for?



A totally new and revolutionary tool for the construction and design industry, which allows users to easily analyse the amount of embodied carbon within their buildings.

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